Goodyear's Billy Taylor returns as a keynote speaker in 2017. His topic: The Lean Team -- Driving, Enabling and Sustaining Operations Excellence.

Look Who's Talking: Learn from Your Manufacturing Colleagues

Feb. 28, 2017
The 2017 IW Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo gives you an opportunity to hear directly from your peers how they are solving challenging manufacturing issues. Here's a brief preview of what you can expect.

Eric Lussier, vice president, Steel Business System, for Steel Partners, is adamant that training is key to developing a sustainable lean culture.

“Culture is the only thing that is sustainable,” he told IndustryWeek last year in Lessons in Lean Training. “That is why we have such a heavy emphasis on training, to build the culture.”

A veteran of lean manufacturing, Lussier will share more of his lean insights at the 2017 IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo, May 8-10, in Cleveland, Ohio. His session on variation reduction kaizens will demonstrate how his companies use such kaizens to improve – and how perhaps yours can too.

Lussier is not the only 2017 IW M&T conference speaker about whom IndustryWeek has written. In an effort to "whet your appetite" about who you will learn from at the May event, we have put together a list of article links that feature several of our speakers and their improvement efforts.

Some of these links will offer a preview of what you can expect to hear in person at the 2017 IW M&T show. Other articles will simply help you get acquainted with the speaker or the company that is sharing best practices.

All provide interesting reads. When you are done reading, visit to review a full list of speakers.

Keynote Speakers at 2017 IW M&T Conference and Expo:

Raj Nair, Ford Executive Vice President, Product Development, and Chief Technical Officer
Building a Better Advanced Manufacturing Workforce

Billy Ray Taylor, Director of Manufacturing of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goodyear's Billy Taylor on Earning the Right to Play the Leadership Game

From our Conference Track Sessions

Eric Lussier, VP, Steel Business Partners/Handy & Harman
Lessons in Lean Training

The 2016 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award Winners: Excellence in Manufacturing

Steve Blue, CEO of Miller Ingenuity
Smart Manufacturing Starts with Your People

Brett Greene, President, Willington Nameplate, and Brent Robertson, Partner, Fathom
Millennial Recruiting Magic: Solutions from Manufacturers Large and Small

Peter Feil, Vice President and General Manager, Stober Drives
Beating the Drum for Apprenticeships

Sherwin-Williams CIO Tom Lucas
Putting the People Skills in IT at Sherwin-Williams

Jon Sobel, Co Founder & CEO, Sight Machine
Big Data, from the Executive Suite to the Factory Floor

Karl Wadensten, President and Owner, Vibco Vibrators
Average Isn't Good Enough

Jabil Circuit and HP
Faster Than a (3-D Printed) Speeding Bullet

The Raymond Corporation
The Raymond Corporation Chases Zero

Hear more from these companies (and a host of others) at the 2017 IW Manufacturing & Technology Conference and Expo.

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