Market Watch for September 2008: Material Demand

Oct. 9, 2008
More commodity prices come down, out-number those going up.

For the first time in well over a year, more commodities went down in price than went up in September, according to the latest ISM Manufacturing Report on Business (ROB) released on Oct. 1. While caustic soda and corrugated containers continue lengthy moves upward, corn, copper and natural gas all pulled back for the second month in a row. In September they were joined by wheat, zinc, gasoline and several other key materials.

Commodities Up In Price

Caustic Soda (7)
Cold Finished Steel Products
Copper Products*
Corrugated Containers (5)
Electrical Products
Natural Gas*
Paper Products
Plastics (4)
Plastic Resins (2)
Steel* (9)

Commodities Down in Price

Aluminum Products
Copper (2)
Copper Products*
Corn (2)
Diesel Fuel* (2)
Fuel Oil (2)
Machined Parts
Natural Gas* (2)
Stainless Steel Products
Steel Products

Commodities in Short Supply

Caustic Soda (7) is the only commodity reported in short supply.

Note: The number of consecutive months the commodity is listed is indicated after each item.

*Reported as both up and down in price.

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