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Don't Miss This: Popular Reads Over the Past 7 Days

June 18, 2021
Here's some of the most-viewed content on IndustryWeek.com, according to the IW manufacturing community.

You are busy, and that means it can be hard to keep up with the continual flow of excellent manufacturing content that appears on IndustryWeek.com. With that in mind, we've reviewed our analytics and selected the 10 items that have garnered the most attention from our audience in the past week. If you have time for just a few reads and need some suggestions about where to concentrate your attention, these articles may be a good place to start. 

From problem-solving and just-in-time to new manufacturing plants and parts shortages, IW content has got you covered. 

  • What Does a Good Problem-Solving Culture Look Like? Read now.
  • Rare Earth Metals at the Heart of China's Rivalry with US, Europe Read now.
  • GM to Build 2 More New US Battery Plants by 2025 Read now.
  • Just-in-Time's Skewering Is Undeserved Read now.
  • The H1-B Visa Process Is Getting Easier—and Tougher Read now.
  • There’s An Engineering Skills Gap and GE Appliances is Solving It Read now.
  • GE Aviation, Safran Launch Next-Gen Jet Engine Project Read now.
  • US, EU Suspend Airbus-Boeing Tariffs for Five Years Read now.
  • Ex-UAW President Jones Sentenced to 2+ Years for Embezzlement, Tax Evasion Read now.
  • Parts Shortages Show Cracks in OEM Purchasing Read now. 
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