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At a Glance: Don't Miss Our Top 10 Reads

Aug. 13, 2021
The IndustryWeek community has spoken. Here is our most read content over the past seven days.

Sometimes you can't keep up with all of the content IndustryWeek brings to you each day. That's understandable, but it means you have to make choices about what you do have time to read. 

We, or more accurately the IndustryWeek community, can help you make those choices--or at least point you toward compelling content they've enjoyed over the past seven days. 

With that in mind, here are the most read articles on IndustryWeek over the past week. Topics range from Tuesday's announcement of the 2021 IW Best Plants Award winners to John Deere's latest acquisition, and everything in between. Sit back and catch up.

  • 2021 IW U.S. 500: Top Manufacturers in Motor Vehicles Read now
  • John Deere's Acquisition of Bear Flag Puts Autonomy in Driver's Seat Read now
  • Pharmaceutical Firms Rake in Billions with COVID Jabs Read now
  • 2021 IW Best Plants Award Winners: Uncommon Excellence Read now
  • 2021 IW 500: Top Manufacturers in Aerospace and Defense Read now
  • US to Reopen Boeing-Airbus Bidding War Over Refuellers Read now
  • Senate Passes Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Bill After Weeks of Negotiation Read now
  • Looking Deeper Into Microsoft and Arrival EV Collaboration Read now
  • Too Often, the Right Data Isn’t Getting to the Right Person (Even within Their Own Team) Read now
  • Stress Testing for the Next Supply Chain Disruption Read now
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