Open Source Six Sigma Offers Free Training Templates

May 25, 2007
Information includes process mapping to statistical gauge studies.

Open Source Six Sigma (OSSS) has created a repository of free templates that users can download, rate and comment on. In addition, OSSS has configured their systems to encourage community involvement by allowing users to contribute their unique templates within the OSSS Repository.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.,-based company opened the site earlier this month with the goal of promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing and value to its users.

The OSSS Templates are essentially ready to use tools applicable to various business improvement activities. The set of templates includes everything from basic Process Mapping and consolidated Statistical Tables to advanced templates for performing statistical Gauge Studies.

"It is my hope that by providing people with the DMAIC training curriculums, Black, Green and Yellow Belt among other skill building courses more individuals and organizations will embrace the use of process improvement methods, in some capacity, by leveraging proven training curriculums previously unavailable," explained Scot Shank, Open Source Six Sigma developer.

Open Source Six Sigma

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