Schneider Electric and IBM to Provide Energy Efficiency to Data Centers

June 4, 2008
Companies can now design and build a data center using standardized data center architecture

Schneider Electric, a provider of electrical distribution, automation and industrial control products, and APC, a provider of power and cooling services, announce their participation in the IBM Energy Efficiency Initiative. APC is a technology provider of the IBM Scalable Modular Data Center architecture. This solution incorporates technologies for power, cooling, racks and enterprise management software and helps clients rapidly deploy an energy-efficient, scalable 500 to 1,000 square foot data center to support their business.

The partnership enables clients to quickly design and build a data center in nearly any working environment using IBM Global Services' capabilities and a standardized data center architecture, reducing up front costs and reducing human error in the operations of the site.

By combining IBM technologies with those of APC and Schneider Electric, IBM will be able to construct complete IT, power and cooling infrastructure solutions for small, medium, or large data centers.

"Modern data centers are faced with the daunting task of managing ever-increasing demands for data storage and processing power," says Laurent Vernerey, president and CEO of APC-MGE. "As data center managers have rushed to adopt new technologies to keep up with these demands, the operating cost profile of the typical data center has changed. Energy costs to power and cool computer servers have become a much larger part of the total cost of ownership for data centers. For every 1 watt of energy used to power servers, up to 3 watts of energy are required for cooling. Together, APC and Schneider Electric are uniquely positioned to work with IBM, the worldwide leader in technology services, to address the growing need for energy efficiency in the data center."

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