Benchmarking Data: How Does Your Manufacturing Plant Compare?

July 29, 2015
These benchmark numbers offer a glimpse at the potential for achievement in manufacturing organizations that are committed to world-class competitiveness.

The data contained in these tables are compiled from metrics reported by the IndustryWeek Best Plants winners and finalists for the years 2010 to 2014. During these years IndustryWeek selected 39 winning facilities and 41 finalists.

Because the facilities, products and processes represented by the winners and finalists are quite diverse, direct comparisons can be misleading. Regardless of industry differences, however, the data in this profile serve as a useful general benchmarking reference.

These data are contained in the 2014 IndustryWeek Best Plants Statistical Profile, which contains a wealth of performance metrics beyond the sample shown here. The 2014 Best Plants Statistical Profile is available for download.

Or, read more about the IW Best Plants Awards competition.

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