The Definition of Durability: 10 Manufacturing Companies That Have Reached the Century Mark

Oct. 27, 2019
These are no fly-by-night manufacturers. Each one has been around for at least 100 years, and several are many years beyond that milestone.

We are back with another set of U.S. manufacturing companies that have been around for a lifetime -- or at least 100 years. IndustryWeek has been pursuing this series of salutes to century-young manufacturers since we published our first gallery on the topic in 2013.

With the continued strength of U.S. manufacturing -- and your help -- we expect to continue adding new members. It's no small achievement to earn a century badge, and we applaud the staying power of these manufacturers. 

This gallery showcases 10 manufacturing companies, in alphabetical order. Below are links to previously published slideshows that introduce many more. If you know of manufacturing companies we should add to our growing series, please drop us a line. 

Other galleries in our Century Salute include: 

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