IndustryWeek Book Club: 'The Façade of Excellence' with John Dyer

Oct. 11, 2022
Author John Dyer talks about his book on leadership with IndustryWeek's Jill Jusko.

IndustryWeek chats with John Dyer, author of "The Façade of Excellence: Defining a New Normal of Leadership," as well as a regular contributor to IndustryWeek on continuous improvement and leadership. Among the questions he fields in this discussion are: 

1. What do you mean by "The Facade of Excellence"?

2. Is there more than one way to lead? 

3. You've taken an interesting approach to addressing this topic -- It's part fiction novel and part analysis and practical application. Why did you decide to take this approach?

4. You use the words 'team' and 'collaboration' a lot. Why are they important?

5. What's the first step toward becoming a better leader?  

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