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Airline Maintenance Has A New Tool

By providing maintenance and parts information as well as troubleshooting, the Enigma InService MRO reduces maintenance and training costs. This new product from Burlington, Mass.-based Enigma Inc. uses an interactive technical encyclopedia that consolidates service manuals from various manufacturers into a fully integrated maintenance solution.

"In today's highly competitive airline market, technology is the best way to level the playing field and improve maintenance operations," said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Enigma. "The dynamic nature of aircraft maintenance makes the cost and complexity of implementing new MRO solutions extremely high and has limited too many firms to paper-based or legacy systems."

InService MRO supports both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events and provides maintenance information on the flight line and in the hangar. A collaboration feature allows technicians to participate in online discussions that can be translated into engineering or procedural modifications.

Enigma Inc

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