Association Wants Policymakers To Understand Supply Chain Security

Hoping to educate not only the public but the policymakers as well, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) made available an interactive flow chart called "From Factory to Shelf: Navigating the Global Supply Chain" to explain the processes and security measures in place to protect U.S. maritime cargo. The chart can be found on the RILA site at

"The debate on port and supply chain security often involves numerous acronyms and jargon. We posted the chart and glossary to give a simple overview of the various steps in the maritime cargo supply chain, and the security procedures now in place," explained Al Thompson, RILA's vice president of global supply chain policy.

The interactive chart takes a user through step-by-step explanation of the supply chain security processes and procedures from the purchase order to the final destination.

In May, the House of Representatives passed the Security and Accountability For Every Port (SAFE ports) Act by a vote of 421-2. RILA supports the legislation, which seeks to improve security by building on the risk-based approach of the past five years.

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