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CFOs Cite Outsourcing As Important Competitive Advantage

Execs say they will outsource any non-core business.

Taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing is one of the ways that companies become more competitive, according a recent study of CFOs. "Outsourcing The Back Office: The Path Toward Sustainable Benefit," a report prepared by CFO Research Services in collaboration with Capgemini, debunks several myths and shows, as one executive said, that outsourcing has become a "ticket" to the fast-changing game of business.

Here are some findings from the report:

  • 72% of executive found that their outsourcing efforts "met or exceeded" expectations.
  • 73% said they will outsource everything that is not core to their business
  • Executives view outsourcing as way to integrate newly merger companies and to speed growth.
  • The most popular outsourcing destinations are U.S., India, China and Western Europe.

To download report:

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