Changes Abound In The Tech Sector

Mergers & acquisitions are rapidly reshaping the technology landscape.

When it comes to the supply chain technology marketplace, "change" itself is the one constant that never seems to change.

In recent months, no fewer than two dozen significant moves have occurred, most of them deals accomplished by larger companies hoping to quickly gain ground on their competitors via strategic acquisitions. Many of the companies being acquired, though, are themselves well known supply chain pioneers, such as Symbol Technologies, Indus International, Radio Beacon and Click Commerce.

The following scorecard highlights significant corporate moves in the supply chain technology sector since IndustryWeek's last update in the October 2006 issue.

Company/Product Parent Company Transaction Type Technology
ALG Software Business Objects acquisition performance management
Brooks Software Applied Materials Inc. acquisition factory management and control
Click Commerce Inc. Illinois Tool Works Inc. acquisition supply chain management
Comergent Technologies Inc. Sterling Commerce acquisition order management
Cube Route Inc. Descartes Systems Group Inc. acquisition logistics management
FBO Systems Inc. QAD Inc. acquisition enterprise asset management
Fortna Q4 merger distribution management
Global Beverage Group Inc. HighJump Software acquisition delivery management
Glovia Services Inc. Glovia International Inc. spinoff software as a service (SaaS)
HeadwaterTechnology Solutions Inc. Accellos Inc. acquisition fleet management
Indus International Inc. Vista/MDSIMobile
Data Solutions Inc.
acquisition/merger service delivery management
Infravio Inc. webMethods Inc. acquisition SOA solutions
Maddocks Systems Inc. TMW Systems Inc. acquisition trucking software
MVI Technology CDC Corp. acquisition real-time performance management
Mobitrac Fluensee Inc. acquisition transportation execution
nPhase QUALCOMM Inc. acquisition machine-to-machine technology
Precision Software Ltd. QAD Inc. acquisition transportation management
Radio Beacon Inc. Accellos Inc. acquisition warehouse management
Revere Inc. Avantc&eactue; Software acquisition enterprise asset management
RFID TagSource n/a start-up RFID tags
Savi Group Lockheed Martin spin-off supply chain security
Soluziona USA Miria Systems Inc. name change business process automation
Symbol Technologies Inc. Motorola Inc. acquisition wireless/RFID solutions
TrueSource Inc. Procuri Inc. acquisition spend management

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