China Announces National Pharmaceutical Production Inspections

Injection makers and manufactures, who have been the subject of complaints, and enterprises which have not been adequately inspected, are the key targets a national inspection program created by China's State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) according to a recent article on China Business News On-Line.

The purpose of the inspections, according to the SFDA, is to enforce good manufacturing practices and to clarify responsibilities of quality control departments. One aspect that will be closely scrutinized is the qualification of the staff working in quality control and material storage areas.

The SFDA suggests drug producers use IT solutions to guarantee that unqualified materials and products not exit factories. Additionally, sales departments will have to record complete information on where and in how many batches products have been sold in case of possible recalls, according to the article. Contract production will fall under these regulations as well.

The program followed on the heels the Qiqihar faulty drug scandal which caused 11 deaths.

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