Confused By RFID Forecasts?

With a number of conflicting reports on the future size of the RFID market issued recently, IDTechEX, a Cupertino, Ca.-based RFID consulting firm, feels it has a better handle on predictions.

"We think it will be $12.35 billion," says IDTechEx. "We believe that much of this difference comes down to what one includes as being RFID. For example, we include everything that operates over radio frequencies and which provides identification as one of its primary functions -- whether they are cards, tickets, labels or fobs; or passive or active (with battery)."

IDTechEX includes contactless smart cards which include NFC cell phone readers and smart tickets such as those sold for transportation cards or secure access cards used for buildings. National ID cards are included in the count as well. The prediction on smart card sales for 2006 is about 2 billion according to IDTechEx.

Active RFID cards, of which 40 million will be supplied in key fobs for car clicker systems, are included in the RFID market total as they are now a large and mature market.

In 2005, 25 million trade fair tickets to a Tokyo show were sold brining in $1 billion. Similarly in London over $1.6 billion has been allowed for a contactless transport system.

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