DoD Plans To Expand Use Of RFID Through Supply Chain In 2006

The Department of Defense moves $28.9 billion worth of items through its pipeline annually, according to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) chief logistics auto-ID technology officer, Edward W. Coyle, who spoke earlier this month at a web conference titled "RFID for Defense Suppliers." Looking to the future, DoD is primed to leverage RFID to achieve full visibility and management of assets throughout its supply chain.

In 2005, the DoD began using passive RFID tags on containers, pallets, and exterior containers being shipped to selected defense distribution centers. By January 1, 2006 it will expand its distribution network to include strategic continental U.S. Defense Logistic Agency depots and transportation command and service maintenance facilities. By January 1, 2007, Coyle said the DoD will start shipping to all its distribution locations.

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