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Electronic Dashboards Lead To Better Performance

Manufacturers are successfully using electronic dashboards and leveraging real-time analytics to make better decisions on the plant floor and throughout the enterprise according to a new report from Boston-based AberdeenGroup.

"Leading manufacturers are tackling the tough issues of integrating plant MES (manufacturing execution systems) with plant floor devices, rationalizing disparate data sources and electronically connecting with ERP and supply chain systems," said Jane Biddle, vice president of global manufacturing research at Aberdeen.

One third of manufacturers included in the study entitled, "Manufacturing Transparency: Turning Visibility into Value," report that plant floor data is being sent to the vice president or director level personnel. Another one-third will be adding this capacity within the next 18 months. On the plant floor, 65% of manufacturers reported using visual work instructions (e.g., work procedures and priority lists) and 45% are using operations-specific dashboards (e.g., testing and monitoring.)

For a copy of the report visit:

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