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EPCglobal Ratifies First RFID Software Standard

Last week EPCglobal Inc. ratified a new software standard, known as the Application Level Events standards (ALE) for use in the supply chain. EPCglobal Inc is the standards organization that is responsible for driving the global adoption of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) and the EPCglobal network.

ALE, the first software created by the ECPglobal community, was developed by more than 100 companies to collect, manage and route data that is generated from the supply chain. The objective is a more efficient and visible supply chain. The new standard joins other EPCglobal standards, including the UHF Generation 2 standard, which was ratified in December 2004.

"The community is making swift strides in the commercialization of RFID and EPC technology," said Chris Adcock, president of EPCglobal Inc. "This royalty-free software standard will facilitate the creation of a standardized approach for filtering and collecting EPC information within the EPC-enabled enterprise, allowing the development of systems that will achieve business value more efficiently."

Royalty-free standards are an important goal of EPCglobal, as it will enable widespread adoption of EPC technology that is standards-based with interoperable products. These standards apply both to hardware and software.

EPCglobal Inc.

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