FCC Allows New Frequency Testing For Global Market

New site licenses issued to ODIN technologies, a Dulles, Va.-based RFID consulting company, on Nov. 27, allows the company to test RFID equipment in frequencies that are currently restricted in the United States. The FCC regulates the maximum power of unlicensed frequencies in the U.S. (such as the UHF ISM band used by most RFID systems) to one watt per channel and does not allow operation in frequencies required for RFID use in Europe and Japan. ODIN can now test in frequencies ranging from 864 MHz up to 956 MHz spectrum utilizing up to 8 watts of power.

"If a multinational company wants to establish a global RFID tagging and infrastructure strategy, you must be able to test products across frequencies such as the European standard of 866-869 MHz and 950 MHz in Japan. This is becoming critical as companies are now starting to ship RFID tagged products across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans," explains Patrick J. Sweeney II, ODIN technologies president and CEO.

These new site licenses will allow ODIN to test tags, readers and systems from different global locations in their Dulles lab allowing engineers the capability to compare test results.

ODIN technologies

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