Food Manufacturers Are Tracked Via RFID

BT Foodnet, part of BT Auto-ID, is using RFID to track products in real-time in an effort to prevent recalls or reduce the cost of recalls if they are necessary. According to an Aug. 2 report on, Foodnet provides a trail of ingredients along the supply chain.

BT Auto-ID, part of the UK's British Telecommunications group, explained that "In the event of a food scare, the accessible data trail enables accurate and rapid recall of corresponding products. When the retailer places its order via BT Foodnet the food manufacturer enters the key product information onto an RFID tag and the margin for error is all but eradicated."

BT Foodnet combines auto-ID technology, including RFID and bar-coding, with BT Auto-ID's data exchange platform on the Internet. The process requires a supermarket to place its orders online via the Foodnet portal. The food manufacturer then identifies each product with an RFID tag. The products are then packed in roll-cages -- also tagged -- and the data is read by RFID readers at point of dispatch. The RFID tag is read again at depot receipt, dispatched from depot to store, receipt into store and from in-store storage to front of shop, according to the company.

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