French Truckers Cause Traffic Chaos near Paris

Protest moves to Paris' main ring road

French truckers angry at high fuel prices disrupted traffic near Paris on June 19 with a go-slow convoy on the capital's main ring road, traffic authorities said. About 200 haulers were taking part in the protest ahead of a meeting between the government and industry representatives to discuss the impact of soaring fuel costs, said the OTRE transport organization.

Regional traffic authorities said two convoys of about six trucks were slowing down circulation and advised Paris area drivers to avoid the ring road. The haulers staged a nationwide strike on June 16 to press demands for government action to help them cope with the rising cost of fuel, caused by skyrocketing oil prices.

President Nicolas Sarkozy was expected to raise the issue at a two-day EU summit opening later on June 19 in Brussels.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2008

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