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Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology

Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology

By Philip Obal, Industrial Data & Information, 2011, 705 pages, $89.95

Have you ever felt like you were being squeezed dry by your single biggest customer? If so, then you've been victimized by a soroptomy. Are you unclear about which warehousing strategy would work best for your operation? Then maybe you should look into the differences between pick-to-carton, pick-to-clear, pick-to-display, pick-to light and pick-to-voice. Do you feel like you're stuck in a closed-loop of acronyms that all sound pretty much the same but have very different meanings, such as FIFO, FILO, HIFO, Hi-Lo, IFO, LIFO and LILO?

If so, then this comprehensive compendium of all-things-supply-chain is probably just what you need. Now in its fifth edition, this book tackles just about every major component of the supply chain lexicology, from "Activity Based Costing" to "Zero Defects" and 6,000 other standard and not-so-standard terms. Besides the main glossary, which takes up roughly half the book, more specialized glossaries in such areas as barcoding, conveyors, ergonomics, logistics, material handling, purchasing, transportation and warehousing are included as well.

The book is compiled by Philip Obal, president of IDII, a consulting firm focused on supply chain solutions.

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