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Help Is Here To Get Packed Goods To Shelf Faster

Sometimes when the players change, the team needs to rework its whole strategy. In the packaged goods industry, the "power retailers" are calling the shots, and manufactures must quickly respond to the new demands.

JRG, of San Mateo, Ca., has introduced an on-demand supply chain solution that helps align production to demand on a daily basis allowing manufactures to respond quickly to retail demands.

"Our goal for the first season with the JRG environment was to maintain high inventory levels but impose more rigid shelf-life controls on our highly perishable product," says Eileen Duag, director of product support at See's Candies. "Using Factory Scheduler as a tool, we saved over $200,000 in product overrun costs, while achieving better than 99% fulfillment rates to our shops."

The new suite of three products -- Factory Scheduler, Enterprise Planner, Performance Manager -- has attracted new customers including Carvel, Farbest and Westfarm.


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