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Honeywell's Customers Say Thank You

Sometimes a quality program shines. This was the case for Honeywell Electronic Materials, creator of a customer care program that garnered awards from its customers. Honeywell received a "Best Quality Award" from Samsung Semiconductor and a "Supplier Excellence Award" from Infineon.

Honeywell Electronic Materials provides products including "sputtering targets" for metalization processes and various chemicals used as insulators, anti-reflective coatings and highly selective etchants.

In addition to providing quality products, Infineon cited Honeywell for its purchasing, logistics, technology and management support for Infineon's complex projects.

Honeywell's customer care program includes;

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC). A program in which Honewywell refines its own internal processes to meet customer specifications.
  • Six Sigma. All employees participate in "Green Belt" classes with some earning "Black Belt" and "Master Black Belt" status.
  • Annual Planning. Strategy, operations and resources are incorporated into a five-year plan of action with an eye toward meeting customers' upcoming needs.

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