HP Japan Forms RFID Alliance With IIJ And IIJ-Tech

Joining with Internet Initiative Japan Inc and IIJ Technology Inc, both based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Hewlett-Packard Japan has formed an alliance to commercialize an RFID platform, using EPCglobal standards.

IIJ and IIJ-Tech have advanced Internet and network management technologies, while HP Japan already offers solutions for the introduction of RFID, such as HP RFID Noisy Lab Japan. Through this alliance, the three companies will offer global real-time SCM (supply chain management), which can be put to practical use for intercompany and international logistics.

The alliance will conduct joint research, will work together in the HP Noisy Lab Japan and and construct an RFID platform for intercompany and international logistics with the Asia-Pacific region as the primary target .

In Japan, studies into the utilization of RFID technology have moved into high gear after permission was granted for the use the UHF band for RFID with the revision of the Radio Law in April 2005.

More information about IIJ is available at http://www.iij.ad.jp/en.

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