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Indian Companies Warming Up To RFID

Across industries, Indian companies have started to use RFID for a variety of purposes, according to an Aug. 10 article on For example, some major oil companies have begun pilot tests to use RFID for LPG cylinder tracking. The railways are now tracking wagons and containers while Air Carrier Indian is planning to use RFID for tracking capital assets.

Automaker Maruti Udyog has been using RFID for components and spare parts tracking, said a company spokesperson. Its Gurgaon plant is RFID-enabled.

"It is heartening to note that experimentation with RFID has begun. An RFID tag costs 15-20 cents and there is cost involved in setting up a system to read such tags. It is an expensive technology but it is the future," said Ravi Mathur, CEO of GS1 India, an affiliate of the global standards organization GS1 and promoted by the commerce ministry.

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