India's Control Systems Market Will Double By 2009

Real time integration of information between manufacturing and business systems will experience a dramatic increase in India over the next few years, according to a study by Dedham, Ma.-based ARC Advisory Group. The distributed control systems (DCS) market will grow at a rate of 17.4% over the next five years and exceed $50 million by 2009. In 2004, the DCS market was at $205 million.

With the manufacturing sector in India growing at 9%, according to ARC Advisory Group, most manufacturing companies are operating at close to full capacity. The result is a rise in capital spending on the DCS sector as it's viewed as a way to improve plant level productivity, improve quality and lower production costs.

In India, greenfield projects in many industries including chemical, petrochemical, electric power, oil & gas and metals will be coming on line further driving the growth in the DCS market.

"Some of the global suppliers, such as Honeywell and Yokogawa, who were attracted by the Indian DCS market growth prospects, have converted their joint ventures in the country into wholly owned subsidiaries," explains S. R. Venkatapathy, senior analyst and author of the ARC's "Distributed Control System Outlook for India Study.

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