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Material Handling, ERP and Warehouse Mangement solutions

Material Handling IT

Crown Insite from Crown Equipment Corp. is a productivity optimization system for material handling applications that offers customized insights about a lift truck, operator, application and fleet. It collects, integrates and analyzes data, both inside and beyond the lift truck, providing users with increased knowledge about productivity and efficiency. Crown Insite incorporates tools such as the InfoLink fleet management system, FleetSTATS program, SureSpec application and Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control. Crown Insite can integrate information from the FleetSTATS system to track performance and maintenance to help extend product lifespan. The system provides reports and spreadsheets that help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.


SmartPage for EnterpriseIQ from IQMS provides an intuitive portal that allows users to create customizable views of all key ERP functions, report requirements, e-mail and key performance indicators (KPIs) within one screen. It interacts with the EnterpriseIQ ERP solution to deliver enhanced capabilities such as fast, single-screen access to all workflows requiring approval, and unlimited user-defined shortcuts to EnterpriseIQ modules. SmartPage EnterpriseIQ provides unlimited RealTime production monitors that give instantaneous shop-floor feedback from remote or local business units. Security is enhanced through single, secured log-in functionality, designed specifically for role-based programs.

The SAP enhancement package 4 offers the latest set of enhancements for SAP's flagship ERP application, SAP ERP. Among the enhancements are: for plant and operations, enterprise asset management and a new standard solution for recycling administration; for product development and manufacturing, work-order integration for outsourced manufacturing scenarios; new scenarios for service procurement; support for supplier and customer returns; and special capabilities for industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer products, healthcare, oil and gas, mill products and mining. Powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, SAP ERP addresses the core business requirements of midsize and large organizations, including financial, human capital management, procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, as well as sales and service.

Warehouse Management

Compiere Warehouse Management, a warehouse management system (WMS) from Compiere, is designed to help companies increase visibility into warehouse operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating inbound and outbound logistics within the warehouse. It is integrated with Compiere ERP purchasing, materials management, order management, manufacturing and global financial management capabilities. The product enables directed putaway, picking and replenishment through a customizable rules engine. The product supports wave planning that simulates and recommends the most efficient picking process to satisfy customer demand.

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