Linear Technology Moves Products 10 Times Faster Than Conventional Solutions

Linear motor technology enables a new product called the Linear Transfer Vehicle (LTV) to move products at speeds 10 times faster than what's available currently according to its manufacturer Celerity Automation Inc. The Paintsville, Ky.-based company says the LTV has a positioning accuracy of 0.010 inches with acceleration and deceleration rates that can reach 2 Gs. These features can allow material handlers to improve productivity by as much as 300% according to the company.

Applications of the LTV include warehousing and shipping functions from order picking and case and layer picking to put-away. As a layer picker, the LTV can build mixed pallet loads from individual layers. Additionally the LTV can be used in automated assembly and manufacturing applications such as machine tool transfer lines.

The product will be on display at the Material Handling Industry Association's upcoming tradeshow, NA2006, which will take place March 27-30 in Cleveland.

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