New Company Forms To Meet Product Development Demand In Ukraine

To better serve the growing Ukraine market, Induslogic, a provider of outsourced product development services based in Vienna,Va. announced it is merging with Bonus Technology, a New Jersey-based software engineering services company with significant operations in the Ukraine. The new company will take the name GlobalLogic.

"More and more, software companies need to globalize their research and development to benefit from the worldwide pool of talent," GlobalLogic CEO Peter Harrison said. "Creating their own captive subsidiary halfway around the world is increasingly risky, takes too long, and involves too many noncore activities. GlobalLogic provides a unique solution for independent software vendors -- they get all the benefits of a captive engineering team with none of the risk."

Bonus Technologies CEO Nick Sage, points to his company's "rich infrastructure of engineering talent located in the Ukraine that enables GlobalLogic to provide "top engineering talent in the world to companies on a 24/7 schedule." Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine was the computing center supporting the USSR's massive military infrastructure. Now, with a deep pool of software engineering talent with expertise ranging from J2EE to .NET platforms, this region has become fertile ground for outsourced product development.

During the year leading up to the merger, Induslogic completed more than 200 major product releases on behalf of 80 software companies. "We are seeing a surge in demand resulting from our new presence in Europe and our expanded expertise in telecommunications and open source software," Harrison said.

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