New Driver Offers Compatibility Between UHF Gen 2 Reader and Microsoft's BizTalk RFID

Reader supports global frequency bands.

Omron Corp.'s V750 RFID reader will be the first to offer compatibility with Microsoft BizTalk RFID. This first driver release focuses on key tasks from the V750's diverse function menu such as reading and writing tag IDs and controlling the external I/Os. BizTalk RFID is a device management platform that helps RFID hardware communicate with other software programs.

The U.S. reader (V750-BA50C04-US) supports a variety of global frequency bands including those specified for use in the U.S., Japan and Korea.

"Omron's V750 reader platform delivers high performance EPC Gen2 reading/writing and features advanced diagnostics, self execution and RF environmental monitoring functions to ensure consistently high levels of read reliability," said Masa Kameyama, U.S. Division Manager of Omron RFID, Omron Corp. is based in Kyoto, Japan.

In addition to BizTalk, Omron's V750 Gen 2 reader supports BEA, epcSolutions, InSync and Reva Systems' platforms.

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