New Education Options For RFID

RFID Tribe, an association for RFID professionals, launched a Registered Education Provider (REF) program to provide RFID education seekers with a place to find qualified workforce education programs that fit their needs for skills, training and certification in RFID technology.

Sanjiv Dua, CEO at RFID4U said, "We are seeing a great momentum in the marketplace worldwide to seek benefits from this disruptive technology. Education and collaborative working is a key to successful adoption."

David Neumann, vice president at American RFID Solutions LLC, said, "As end users continue to evaluate and implement RFID solutions, more and more professionals are interested in not only how RFID works, but on how they can maximize improvements in their business processes.

The REP program is a first step in RFID Tribe's education roadmap. RFID Tribe has formed an Education Council to provide guidance on RFID Tribe's education, training and certification initiatives.

Further information on RFID Tribe's Registered Education Provider program may be found on RFID Tribe's website at

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