A New Resource for Global Contract Manufacturing Information

An online Contract Manufacturing Database is available through Research and Markets, a Dublin-based research firm .The guide to global IT contract manufacturing, updated weekly, covers more than 12,000 companies in the supply chain, including manufacturers (ODMs), their customers (OEMs), partners, investors, distributors, and resellers.

Data available on companies in the database includes:

  • OEM/ODM transactions -- clients, deals, orders, products, competitors
  • Owners, investors, investments, subsidiaries, affiliates (M&A)
  • Manufacturing facilities, capacities, products produced
  • Activities in mainland China -- investments, sales, manufacturing
  • Financial status -- sales, profits, investments
  • Shipment data per product -- quarterly, semi-annual and annual unit shipments
  • Product patents
  • Sales and marketing: brand names, partners, and distributors

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c20595

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