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New RFID Control For Conveyor Belt Routers, Sorting Conveyors, and Multi-Product Assembly Lines

The self-contained system allows different processes for different products to run on the same line.

The new TROMR8 RFID Programmable Relay Controller, from Intersoft, Inc., is a self-contained system that automatically makes control decisions and allows different processes for different products to run all on the same line.

With multiple RFID Programmable Relay Controllers (up to 32 TROMR8 can be connected to a single 4,000 ft cable), components can be routed from work cell to work cell automatically, creating a complex, flexible assembly line according to the Tullahomam, Tenn.-based company.

The rugged tags can be temporarily attached to a product or permanently embedded and are still readable even when hidden in carrier sheets or totes. They can withstand high temperatures and extreme environments and substances such as paint, dirt, oil, water and plastics do not affect the read.

The TROMR8 board powers, reads and decodes transponders that are within its reading range. Whenever the passive RFID tag comes within range of the reader antenna, its information is transmitted to the TROMR8. When this tag number is read, it activates up to eight 240VAC, 4A relays, turning on lights, switches and solenoids depending on tag read.

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