New Way to Evaluate Green Supply Chains

CarbonView helps medium and small businesses activate green supply chain.

Companies looking to implement a carbon emission reduction strategy can now use CarbonView, a new product from Dallas-based Supply Chain Consulting. The solution can capture, analyze and optimize carbon emission data across the extended supply chain while considering financial impacts, according to the company. Supply Chain Consulting works globally with a number of carbon database suppliers to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data.

"Industry leaders like DuPont, IBM, 3M and Wal-Mart are the early adopters of sound environmental strategies, and now every socially responsible company should have a carbon management strategy," said John Nadvornik, director of product marketing and strategy for Supply Chain Consulting. "The proactive enterprises that begin laying a foundation for a green supply chain now will leapfrog their competition."

Using this software, businesses can run different supply chain scenarios. These scenarios compare economic and environmental changes and the impact on a company's supply chain to determine which scenario is environmentally sound and financially viable. In addition, CarbonView allows ongoing carbon emission monitoring with alerts set to be triggered once operations cause emissions to reach pre-determined levels.

The new solution will be featured later this month at the upcoming 3rd Annual Green Transportation and Logistics Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 25-27. Visit to download an overview of the Carbon Management Model.

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