One Good Return Deserves Another

Preparing for seasonal returns.

Reverse logistics expert Curtis Greve of Greve Davis offers the following tips for companies to consider in preparation for seasonal returns.

  1. Update seasonal recall volumes by SKU and vendor.
  2. Review existing processed inventory waiting to ship, and clear out as much as possible.
  3. Prioritize shipments by value and cube to reduce inventory and create space.
  4. Review management staffing and manpower plans.
  5. Review volume estimates and plans for outbound shipping with carriers, as well as plans for temporary space and storage trailers.
  6. Review all parts supplies and ensure procurement plans and sourcing are ready.
  7. Review shipping plans and requirements with top salvage buyers.
  8. Schedule preventive maintenance for all material handling equipment and conveyor systems.
  9. Review plans and volumes with recyclers and with waste management companies
  10. Review plans of all outsourced repair vendors
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