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Pharmaceutical Industry Strengthens Its Channel Commerce Management

When King Pharmaceutical chose Edge Dynamics 3.0 to manage its channel commerce, it became a member of a very large group -- the $60 billion revenue stream from pharmaceutical manufacturers that is now processed by the Edge Dynamics solution. This number represents nearly 30% of the U.S. pharmaceutical channel volume.

"The pharmaceutical distribution channel is uniquely challenging, with a complex network of primary and secondary distribution avenues that provide many areas for potential breakdown and obscurity,' explains John McGrory, CEO of Edge Dynamics, a Redwood City, Ca.-based company.

With multi-tiered distribution, pharmaceutical manufacturers often find it difficult to keep track of overall channel dynamics according a study done by Aberdeen Group. The study cited a need for manufacturers to "make real-time pricing and fulfillment decisions - on a line-item-by-line-item and order-by-order basis, taking into account the current and precise state of the network."

The Edge Dynamics 3.0 solution optimizes complex transaction management processes against business policies in areas such as new product introduction, channel inventory management, pricing, regulatory compliance and scorecarding. Manufacturers also find that the availability of real time information allows for a more collaborative relationship between themselves and the wholesale distributors.

Edge Dynamics Inc.

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