Philips RFID Tags Get EPC Gen2 Certification

Royal Philips Electronics is one of the first companies to received certification by EPCGlobal based on the Gen 2 standards for its RFID chips. This standard, supported by both manufacturers and end-users, is viewed as an important designation that will increase the deployment of RFID.

With a common standard, different RFID labels and readers will be able to be fully interoperable in various regulatory environments.

"We want to ensure that adopters of RFID achieve a seamless migration from the previous infrastructure while capitalizing on the global interoperability and increased performance that Gen 2 offers," said Christophe Duverne, vice president, marketing and sales, identification, Philips Semiconductors. "Philips and its Gen 2 RFID solutions are answering the demand of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical, apparel and many other industries."

Philips, which has been manufacturing chips for over twenty year, works with other companies via a Gen2 Task Force in support of open standards. The Gen2Task Force includes; ASK, Avery Dennison, Checkpoint Systems, Deister, Feig, Omron, Rafsec, SAMsys, Symbol Technologies, Thingmagic and X-ident technology.

Philip Royal Electronics

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