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RFID Around The Globe

In 76 countries around the globe, RFID is making its presence known. This number is up from 49 countries almost 2 years ago according to the IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase.

Over 2000 case studies are represented in this report and its author, Dr. Peter Harrop, pointed out some interesting facts in a July 18 article. For example, the largest RFID project is the China ID card but the largest single RFID order that has ever been landed, by value, is the recent order given to Savi Technology for military applications at $425 million. Savi Technology has been recently acquired by Lockheed Martin.

China and Korea that have increased their share of case studies by about one percentage point in the last eighteen months to become respectively fifth and eighth in importance, the report said. Bag tagging is the most popular application. China and Korea have also become strong in city cards, ID cards and tagging vehicles.

In Europe, Germany ranks fourth in case studies while the Netherlands is active in RFID card applications. France is studying healthcare applications and Italy is conducting a variety of studies as well.

Use of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) in RFID labels is strong in Colombia, Brazil, the Netherlands and Japan for use in pallets, cases, aircraft parts and item level tracking. The studies indicate that there is potential for EPC to be used in at least one third of the future RFID market.

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