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SCM Software Strategies: By the Numbers

When it comes to implementing supply chain management (SCM) solutions, most companies to date have adopted a patchwork approach, using numerous solutions from a variety of software vendors.

Thanks to a market consolidation of SCM vendors, as well as a desire to simplify the entire process, look for more companies to either seek out a single-source supplier or to outsource it all to a third party, predicts Forrester analyst Patrick Connaughton.

53 percentage of companies that have implemented many best-of-breed SCM applications from multiple vendors

35 percent that have implemented SCM software from their ERP vendor

24 percent that build their SCM applications in-house whenever possible

18 percent that have implemented a preintegrated SCM suite from one vendor

17 percent that outsource SCM applications or processes whenever possible

Source: Forrester Research Inc.

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