Secrets Of Successful Supply Chains

Outsourcing supply chain functions, 100% on-time delivery, and collaborative programs with partners are formulas for success in supply chain management. In a study by Best Practices, LLC a Chapel Hill, N.C -based consulting company, titled "Supply Chain Management Practices," 100 companies spilled their secrets.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Benchmarked companies outsource supply chain functions to save an estimated 10-20% of costs. A leading automobile manufacturer stated that outsourcing helped to reduce its inventories by $1 billion, trim inventory carrying costs by $124 million and decrease delivery times to dealers by 26%.
  • Companies that reported 100% delivery performance to commit dates have an extraordinarily tight supply chain -- one that is transparent to sales and manufacturing representatives.
  • A collaboration program helped one company drive a reduction of 40% in Work in Progress and a near-optimum level of finished goods inventory for several product lines. This program, a system from Optiant, also helped drive 90% reduction in production times and 85-90% improvement in delivery performance with no increase in components.

To download a report summary visit:!OpenDocument

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