South Korean Certifies RFID Tags For Transportation Region

With 900,000 TEUs (20-foot long container equivalents) shipped annually between South Korea and the U.S., the certification of the 433.92 MHz radio frequency band for RFID tags and readers is a welcome addition to supply chain management. Savi Technology, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider of RFID solutions, announced on Dec. 5 that they received certification for the Savi Tag ST-654. Approved by the Ministry of Information and Communication, the tag has a transmission range up to 300 feet which enables tracking of shipping containers, vehicles and other large assets. The Savi Fixed Reader SR-650 will serve as the real-time data collection system.

This designation is a positive step in support of global ISO 18000-7 standards. "The South Korean market recognizes the value of RFID as a core technology, and this certification facilitates our ability to help bring innovative solutions to this region that can make the supply chain more efficient and secure," said Fraser Jennings, Savi's vice president of standards and regulatory affairs.

Savi Technology

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