Thai Companies Jumping Into RFID Market

In Thailand, there are now at least 20 local companies providing RFID chip design and related software solutions, according to an article by Sasiwimon Boonruang on

Over the next two years, the Software Industry Promotion Agency (Sipa) will work with the Thai Embedded System Association to create awareness and educate potential user sectors, such as manufacturers and logistics firms, according to Sipa president Manoo Ordeedolchest.

"Our next move is to encourage large-scale pilot projects in supply chain management, logistics, and food traceability in addition to the projects that have started -- we need more concrete projects to show that RFID is ready for adoption," Ordeedolchest said in the article.

RFID investment is a smart choice according to Smith Suksmith, managing director of Thai RFID firm Identify. In the article he explained that Thai venture capital firms should consider RFID and logistic investments because logistics will be a big user of RFID and it's a sector that the government is championing. To that end Sipa has set up a Logistic Standard Committee to aim for a consistent environment for the technology based on existing global standards.

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