Using RFID For Just-In-Time Parts Sequencing For Auto Industry

TNT Logistics will use WhereNet's RFID activated, real-time locating solution to coordinate its material sequencing centers in an effort to improve its process of just-in-time parts sequencing to its automotive manufacturing customers. In November TNT Logistics will deploy this technology at its material sequencing center in Dearborn, Michigan. This center serves Ford Motor Company's Dearborn truck plant.

The RFID tags and a local infrastructure of wireless LANs collect real-time location and status information for thousands of racks (holding units for sequenced parts) as they move between the sequencing center and the manufacturing facility. A device located at dock doors trigger the tags to emit a signal when a forklift loads a rack of parts. This system confirms that a load has been built and validates its shipping status and can also alert the factory that the material is en route.

"At TNT Logistics, we expect to gain maximum efficiency in our operations by relying on WhereNet's solution to provide complete visibility of all of our racks -- which are constantly moving back and forth between the assembly line at the factory and our material sequencing center," said Terry McIntyre, manager, solutions design technology services for TNT Logistics.

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