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Wi-Fi RFID System-On-A-Chip

G2 Microsystems announced, on March 27, a low-power active RFID System-on-a-Chip (SoC) that leverages the Wi-Fi network infrastructure.

"The majority of asset tracking solutions to date are built on proprietary infrastructures requiring a multi-million dollar investment to deploy a pilot," said John Gloekler, CEO of Campbell, Calif.-based G2 Microsystems. "By integrating Wi-Fi with active RFID technology and sensors into a ultra low-power SoC, we have provided companies with a cost-effective asset tracking solution that enables them to achieve real-time inventory visibility across their entire supply chain."

G2 Microsystems' G2C501 Wi-Fi Active RFID SoC is aimed at the real time locating systems (RTLS) market which tracks and monitors assets both inside and outside of facilities. The Yankee Group forecasts the global RTLS market will grow to $1.6B by 2010, fueled by deployments in healthcare, manufacturing and logistics.

The chips are currently being incorporated into leading RTLS solutions including those from Ekahau and PanGo Networks.


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