Will Your Logistics Provider Respect You in the Morning?

Customer Respect Index measures how well companies respond to online communications from customers.

Based on the Customer Respect Index, a comparison index measuring Web site usability, online communication capabilities and security of transactional data, the following companies were determined to be the most customer-friendly among logistics and transportation providers:

  1. U.S. Postal Service
  2. Yellow
  3. UPS
  4. Canada Post
  5. ABF Freight System
    (tie) U-Haul

According to Terry Golesworthy, president of The Customer Respect Group, which conducted the study, "The [transportation] industry has seen tremendous consolidation and, with Web sites merging, that has hurt overall site usability." Compared to previous studies, Web site usability was the area of biggest decrease in overall rankings. This indicates a relative rather than an absolute decline in the usability of sites -- other industries are setting the bar higher than before, while the transportation industry continues to work its way through a series of landscape-altering mergers and acquisitions, which has resulted in some inconsistency in Web site designs.

Golesworthy also points to an improvement in online responsiveness for the transportation carriers. "The industry clearly has seen the value and benefit from more effective online communications."

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