Collaborative Product Development Without Increased IT Costs?

Though it doesn't sound possible, The Coleman Co. has achieved this using OpenPLM from Centric Software, a San Jose, Ca-based software company.

Coleman, one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor equipment and camping gear, needed to improve its product development process to allow for collaboration between its employees and global suppliers. With aggressive global delivery requirements, Coleman uses OpenPLM to assist in product development in its supplier base without the need for additional IT infrastructure costs. This software can be integrated into CAD, CAE, PDM and ERP systems.

"A key factor in Coleman's continued success is our speed in bringing innovative products to market," said Rick Looslie, director of design engineering at Coleman. "With Centric OpenPLM, our partners and engineers can better evaluate the viability of new ideas in the earliest stages of development, and make more informed decisions about which projects should move forward and which should not."

Centric Software Inc.

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