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Nanoproducts Now (Almost)

Within the next three years, 58% of manufacturers will have nanomanufacturing products on the market.

There's hard and fast evidence that the nanotechnology industry is shifting out of the hype stage into the commercialization stage. According to the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), which studied the adoption of nanotechnology in the U.S. manufacturing industry, 58% of the nearly 600 survey respondents indicate they will have nanomanufactured products on the market within the next three years.

The top commercialized products already on the market include semiconductors, nanowires, coatings, and thin films, according to the NCMS.

Commercialization of Nanotech Timeline

Already Marketing -- 18%
Within 1 Year -- 10%
1 to 3 Years -- 30%
3 to 5 Years -- 24%
Beyond 5 Years -- 18%
Source: NCMS

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