Products 2.0: Tandberg's Fieldview, Motorola's MC35, IBM's Quickr And Sametime

Products 2.0: Tandberg's Fieldview, Motorola's MC35, IBM's Quickr And Sametime

Tools designed and built for the new Web era to come.

As the next generation of employees enters the workforce, they bring with them an innate knowledge of and facility for manipulating software and hardware to meet the business needs of the modern workplace.

Therefore, forward-thinking manufacturers are building tools now designed to meet the needs of the next generation of users as they arrive. As these new products enter the business sphere, the potential for seamless, instantaneous sharing of information that lies at the heart of the 2.0 ideal seems more and more reachable.

With this unfolding business development in mind, here are three different tools designed and built for the brave new world ahead:

Maintenance 2.0

Tandberg's Fieldview enables two-way voice and high-resolution video calls between field personnel and in-house experts to work out maintenance or supply chain issues without travel. Each session can be recorded for future reference, and an integral touch screen supports live annotation from both parties, either on video or freeze-frame settings.

On The Road Again

Motorola's MC35 offers the multi-functionality of a high-end consumer smartphone (including push e-mail/phone/mobile computing/camera/GPS), plus bar code readers and added business application functionality for enterprise executives, supply chain managers and field sales personnel.

Free Your Inbox

IBM's new Quickr and Sametime software tools integrate with desktop applications and provide wikis and team blogs, enabling users to place, open and save e-mail attachments as links into a shared library that helps to keep inbox sizes manageable. Users can also syndicate and subscribe to news feeds to receive updates as soon as they occur.

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