Seven Strategies to Foil the Product Pirates

Find creative ways to keep the secrets of your technology to yourself.

1. Assume that your product or technology will be pirated. The more successful your product, the faster it will be pirated.

2. Don't let fear of piracy keep you from introducing your product. If the product is attractive, somebody overseas will try to pirate it.

3. Travel the region to study the weaknesses of the pirates and the real needs of your customers. Based on such field knowledge, design and improve your product to stay ahead of the pirates' capabilities.

4. Don't try to compete with the pirates on price. If the pirate's price is 20% of yours but his product is only 80% of your quality level, focus your marketing effort on the quality-conscious segment of the market.

5. Discerning customers yearn for authentic foreign-made products once they see how much better they are than pirated products. Educate your customers and help them see the difference.

6. Find creative ways to keep the secrets of your technology to yourself. How you keep such secrets should itself be a secret.

7. Pick the most talented people whom you can trust to work the regional market and duel with the pirates. Don't send your weakest link.

Source: James Chan, Asia Marketing and Management

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